April 01, 2004

Lost in Understanding

He's a "vain fool". Well, he's playing that part now to push me away. He's always been this way. Always trying to push me away, because I don't think he's ever known what it's really like to have love without conditions.

He wants me to just automatically understand, and I want to try; I have tried. But he says how can he explain something to me if I just can't understand his point of view? Isn't that the point of telling someone something, to get their feedback and their opinion on the situation? I used to think so.

I wanted to tell him how could I understand if he wouldn’t explain it to me. He is older than I am and has lived a different life; it is going to be hard for me to understand exactly where his is coming from because I haven't been there.

I am just tired of conceding defeat, of letting him win, of knowing I'm right, but this is all part of the healthy relationship part, right?


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