April 12, 2004

Such is life

I just spent four hours in a Geo Metro with three good friends of mine, the problem is that the only one of us who drives is really getting on my nerves and it's my vacation. I am close to her and I care about her, but when she starts in about what she did at the movies with her ex-boyfriend, even though it was nothing, I just can't handle it.

They have been broken up for about a year now, and she is still at his beck and call, playing the part of his lap dog. Whenever he is in town and gets forlorn, wanting for his actual girlfriend he'll call her, my friend that is, not his girlfriend like a normal person. I know that doesn't sound so bad, like you know maybe their just really good friends, but they're not and I don't think they can be. Like for awhile I tried to believe that it wasn't that way at all, but then I heard the stories of their rendezvous first hand, and I was slapped back to reality. I just can't see her live her life like this, yet I have no choice.

Her life isn't mine to mess with; it's hers to screw with as she pleases even if it is in the literal sense. I just wish she could see the position she has put herself in and that she refuses to pull herself out of.

It's hard to sit by and watch others screw up what you know they could get right if only they mildly gave a damn.


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