November 07, 2005

No one checks this so let's have a pity party...

I'm letting it all rip because I can't hold it in any longer.

I hate this feeling of lost contentment.
I feel blinded.
I feel used.
I've fallen hard and fast and I'm scared.
My mother has to get a second job and its not like she has time for the first one she has.
My brother won't find a job so he's living off my parents.
My dad still has trouble talking since his stroke and it just makes it anger occur that much faster.
My uncle Blaine has leukemia and no I don't know how far along he is only that he is in some research group so it's all paid for because its not like he could afford treatment. But none of that settles my mind as to HOW he's doing.
I don't sleep.
I don't care.