January 17, 2006

Waiting again

It's raining outside. It's become a common part of the scenery for me up here, and even in light of everything good that has been happening lately I can't help but think of you.

You called Sunday night and I had been drinking. You said that you didn't want to talk to someone who was inebriated. I said fine and we hung up. You called back and tried to have a conversation with someone you didn't really seem like you wanted to talk to. There was too much silence and my addled brain couldn't take it. We hung up again, you seemed angry.

I had company up here. He was making sure that I made it to my dorm okay and that I wasn't going to be sick. We were watching a movie, Romeo & Juliet. I couldn't talk because I had company, not because I was too drunk. And yes, he's just a friend.

We need a real conversation that does not include typing. I need to hear your voice and I think that maybe you need to hear mine too.


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