May 17, 2006

The DaVinci Code and Tarot Cards

It's 10:20pm and I am bored. I live in a metropolis and can find nothing to do. Ironic, no?

I have the DaVinci Code in my room, and I'm reading it. I figure with the movie coming out I owe it to myself to read the book first, especially one that has incurred so much hulabaloo. But I just can't seem to get through it. Let's face it, working in a bookstore, I know how it's going to end, and I like the premise for the book, I mean very orginial and asking for controversy. But it's his style that I just can't get through. His writing and I just don't mesh so this may take a while.

I have found that when you get bored working in a bookstore because you have "run out of things to do" that you order books that you want just because you can and you can get this at a discount. The problem with this is... they all show up at once. But at least I'll be occupied for a while ^_^!! Also, you end up looking up random shit like "Klingon" in the database and order books like "The Klingon Hamlet", and Much Ado About Nothing.. in Klingon, and the Klingon Dictionary just for good measure. Please understand I am not kidding and in a week's time I will own all of these. Along with the Zombie survival guide. Books are the awesome.

I am listening to the Postal Service and wondering why you are reading this. I have no idea if you really are, but I'm hoping. I figure that if I took the time to write it that perhaps someone will take the time to read it. Maybe. *shrugs* If you don't, at least it's here.

I read my Tarot cards the other night. This is a funny thing to me, because the basis of my religious ideals are Christian, but that only because those are the ones familiar to me, so owning and using Tarot cards while calling myself "Christian" may seem hypocritical to people, but in reality there is a lot of Christian symbology within the cards. And I say I'm a Christian, just because that's the easiest thing to say if not the closest. But, anyway, I digress. It boils down to the fact that my cards said that if I'm patient and optomistic that all my wishes will come true. This is all well and good, but I've never been the patient type.

Nice.. debatable.
Patient? Mostly only in situation where I have no choice, like at the DMV.. but even then I get ansy. I have to be doing something! I can never just wait.. I have to help it along.. and perhaps that is the problem.

Ugh.. okay. I'm rambling. I've crossed over into the realm of who-give's-a-shit. So I'm going to pretend that I like the way Dan Brown writes.

May 12, 2006

I am home from college, and I am le tired

Okay, so I had no idea one person could accumulate so much stuff in a single year, it took three hours to move all my stuff out.. granted I was only like 85 percent packed... but still.

But, I got it all home and such and it's still.. 85 percent packed.

I got a new phone on Saturday with Verizon, and there is a new number involved so if you don't have it, figure out how to get it.

This guy came into the bookstore on Tues, my first day of work, and he was adorable! Top it off with an hour's worth of flirting and the fact that he's into anime, philosophy and a firefighter to boot, and I am floored. But after a four hour conversation after I got off work.. not so cute. I am offically tired of people that don't believe in relationships and only believe in limbo.. all the benefits of a relationship and no commitment. It's just a dumb concept to the hopeless romantics.

*le sigh*

Haven't had time to really hang out with anyone.. like an hour here and such. I'm working practically full-time this summer.. at least the money will be good. Come on iMac!!!

bah! I'm done.