May 12, 2006

I am home from college, and I am le tired

Okay, so I had no idea one person could accumulate so much stuff in a single year, it took three hours to move all my stuff out.. granted I was only like 85 percent packed... but still.

But, I got it all home and such and it's still.. 85 percent packed.

I got a new phone on Saturday with Verizon, and there is a new number involved so if you don't have it, figure out how to get it.

This guy came into the bookstore on Tues, my first day of work, and he was adorable! Top it off with an hour's worth of flirting and the fact that he's into anime, philosophy and a firefighter to boot, and I am floored. But after a four hour conversation after I got off work.. not so cute. I am offically tired of people that don't believe in relationships and only believe in limbo.. all the benefits of a relationship and no commitment. It's just a dumb concept to the hopeless romantics.

*le sigh*

Haven't had time to really hang out with anyone.. like an hour here and such. I'm working practically full-time this summer.. at least the money will be good. Come on iMac!!!

bah! I'm done.


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